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Our evolution

Our initial focus was to create a business that provided industrial equipment solutions to the mining, oil and gas sectors. Our business quickly evolved from this to include the trading of the end products that our mining customers produced (such as coal and iron ore).

Since then, the portfolio of raw materials that we trade has grown and now includes agro-commodities such as Textiles, Fertilisers, and Palm Oil Products. In each of our specialist areas, Square Acre Procurement Ltd has a truly global network of clients and suppliers spanning all continents. Utilising our international network of suppliers and freight carriers, we can source and deliver the most complex of requirements worldwide.

Alongside a personalised service, Square Acre Procurement Ltd is able to pass on cost savings driven through negotiating terms with suppliers that rival some of the most competitive across all sectors we serve. With a customer and supplier based located globally, combined with our focus on ensuring exceptional customer and supplier satisfaction, our business and reputation continues to evolve.